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Antiques & Uniques, LLC is a store/mall of over 24,000 sq. ft. There are over 100 dealer booths plus a large Furniture Gallery. There is a seating area, near the back of the store, to allow you to take a break and get a snack and/or a beverage while you are shopping.


Customers walk through the booths in the store, selecting items to buy as they go. Our staff of dealers is there to provide customer assistance everywhere in the store, answering questions, making suggestions, moving and loading purchase. Who better to answer customer questions and provide top notch customer service than the experts who own individual businesses (booths) within the mall?


When you have finished shopping, our cashiers and wrappers will complete your purchases at the central checkout area. You can pay with cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


Our family of dealers range from professionals who make their living selling items, to those who resell as a hobby, to serious craftsmen who create works of art, to people cleaning out as they downsize their living space, to those responsible for liquidating an estate, etc. Some rent space for the long-term, some rent for a few years, and some rent for a few months.


They sell antiques, vintage, used, and new items. They refurbish, restore, clean, paint, repurpose, and recycle items from many eras. They create new craft items. Some buy new merchandise to resell.


It is a truly eclectic mix of inventory.



Tom and Barb Berges are the founders of Antiques & Uniques, LLC and on the first day of 2023 they sold A&U to their son Rob.


The store is modeled after the original concept of Homer Marple, developed in Hilton, New York (the Berges’ old hometown) in the 1980’s. Tom and Barb brought this concept to Ohio in 2003 when they opened their first retail store with other business partners. That business grew and thrived over the 11 years that they were there.


In April 2015, they brought this antique mall concept farther west to Wickliffe and opened Antiques & Uniques. The last empty booth was rented on opening day and a waiting list was started.  Forty of the original dealers are still active at A&U.  Many have expanded into more or larger spaces over time.  The wide variety of items for sale, the clean, bright surroundings, and the friendly, helpful atmosphere keep shoppers coming back. 


Through the years, A&U has won many reader’s choice awards, and we’ve all had a great time doing it! Thank you!

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