Each one of our dealers bring their unique style and personality to their own booth space at Antiques & Uniques. You can click on each photo below to learn a little more about the dealer who owns the booth space that is pictured and what you might expect to find when shopping in their booth! If they sell online or wish to be contacted outside of A&U, we've provided a link to their site or contact information for you as well!

2 - Linda Nagy

3 - Patty - "A Few of My Favorite Things"

4 - Trunks and Treasures

5 - Robyn Slater

6 - Zalika Barkari

8 - Sunny Sunninghill

9 - Flower Barn & Antiques

10 - Dick & Bonnie

12 - Kelly's Korner

13 - Kate Flynn

14 - Tree Lawn Treasures

15 - Heather Gady

16 - Finders-Keepers

17 - Sheila Rawls

21 - Janet Majka

23 - Cris Demarco

24 - Freddyan Bender

25 - Tina Baughman
26 - Beth Greiner

27 - Eclectic Collections

28 - Kate

29 - Sherry Williams

30 - Karen Van Ness & Sara Masterpaul

31 - Sherri

32 - Noreen & Chad

33 - Valorie Hyett

34 - Rich Hanko

35 - Maryann Troha

37 - Jessica Gurbst

38 - Sharon Jones

44 - Cabinet of Curiosities

45 - Marilyn Angel

46 - Jessica Capps

47 - David Novakovich

49 - Kevin Rhodes

50 - Diva Divine Glitter and Gold Boutique

51 - These Foolish Things

53 - Terry Vasil

55 - Sandra & Lee Cunningham

56 - Bonnie Iantorno

57 - Luke Royer

59 - Art & Shelly Hubrath
60 - Paul Gibbons & Danny Williams

62 - Robin Hyett, Manager

63 - Bob & Darlene

64 - Luigi Agusto

66 - James Harris

67 - B&K Collectibles

68 - Sharon Roberts

71 - Shawn & Janet Dell
72 - James Armstrong

73 - Reminisce Awhile

74 - Kim Crooms

75 - Bill & Rita Davis

77 - Heath Robertson

78 - Char Knox

79 - Carol Kieffer

82 - Cliff Baker

83 - Tom Schuette

84 - My Sister's Attic

86 - Eileen Cataldo
87 - Colleen Murray

88 - Don Aingworth

89 - Larry & Lenore Berzanske

91 - Barb Johnson

93 - Barbara Ann Tisi

95 - Rod Warrens

96 - Sheree Zele

97 - Terri Jo Rotondo
99 - Devin Hawkins

100 - Sheila Woods

102 - Emma Slayton

104 - Linda Morey

105 - Tom Thurin

107 - Jennie Hess

108 - Leslie Iosue

110 - Diamond in the Rough

113 - Ron & Kathy Wright

121 - Kathy Willis

123 - Christine Wilkenson

125 - Artifacts & Artworks

127 - Barb Leach

128 - Ken Brown

129 - May Halliday

130 - Frank & Ann Mocnik

131 - Broken Wheel Trading
139 - Larry Fielder

140 - Jack Adamson

141 - Joe Dempsey

146 - Thomas Berges

152 - Tracy McNally

162 - Tim & Gretta Ryan
167 - Cathy Nealis

217 - Barbara Ann

229 - Aaron Dancy

262 - Robin Hyett & Marilyn Angel

Robin Hyett - Dealer 62
Booth 100 and 101. 1st and 2nd booth by the registers.

Robin is the manager of Antiques & Uniques and can often be seen running around taking pictures to keep A&U's Facebook page updated.
Marilyn Angel - Dealer 45
Booth 67. Located on the back wall next to the café.

In Marilyn's booth, you'll find a mix of furniture, glassware, china, jewelry and much miscellaneous from local estates.

Marilyn specializes in Victorian and antique jewelry and does entire household liquidations. Her outstanding reputation keeps her schedule filled so don't wait until the last minute to call for an appointment! You can reach her directly on her cell at 440-796-4131 or angelohio@sbcglobal.net.
Tim & Gretta Ryan - Dealer 162
Booth 20 + 51.

In Tim and Gretta's booth, you'll find vintage linens, tablecloths, napkins, pillow cases, vintage cameras and photographica, panoramic prints (yard-longs), smalls, vintage kitchen items, interesting odds and ends and many more miscellaneous items.
Val Hyett - Dealer 33
Booth 84.

Val has treasures to sell to you from just about every decade. Much of what she has to sell is from her personal collection she has acquired over the years. Don't worry... she'll be in business for a llloooonnggg time!!
Trunks and Treasures -  Dealer 4
Booth 1.

While browsing in this beautifully designed and decorated booth, you'll often find items that have already been re-purposed by Jim at Trunks and Treasures and ready to take home with you!

You will also find antiques, jewelry, glass ware, tools, pottery, trunks and so much more when visit this booth. Just walk straight forward through the front doors of the store.
Barbara Ann - Dealer 217
Booth 50. Located at the front of the store.

Barbara Ann has a wide variety of items to choose from in her booth. Everything is priced very reasonably for everyone to find something to go home with.

You can usually find Barbara Ann working hard around the store in her booth or up at our Customer Service desk.
Laura Dunham - Dealer 173
Booth 27.

Laura sells furniture, primitives, glassware and collectibles from A-Z. She offers eclectic items from days gone by.

Laura is always buying items, whether it is one item or an entire estate.

By clicking the link below, you can view items Laura has listed on eBay!
Terry Vasil - Dealer 53
Booth 6

Mine Rustic, Vintage Finds. Be sure to look for the sign above Terry's booth that says "LOTS FOR SALE" as that will always be there! No, the sign isn't for sale. Her booth is located on the far wall across from the doors you walk in.

Terry is an Interior Decorator and can milk paint any furniture you want from your home or any that you purchase from A&U.

If you're in the store, see our Customer Service desk to leave a message for Terry or email us below.
Kate - Dealer 28
Booth 41

From Antiques to Shabby Chic, Retro, Repro, Kate has it all! If you can't find what you're looking for, let her know and she'll try to track it down. Just leave her a message at the customer service desk and tell her to specifically put it in "mailbox 28"!
Shawn & Janet Dell - Dealer 71
Booth 18A

Shawn and Janet carry a variety of items that include Griswold cast iron items, National Lampoon Magazines, miscellaneous antiques and collectibles, Yashimi K dragons, Pyrex and much more!

New items added weekly!
Cabinet of Curiosities - Dealer 44
Booths 52 and 113.

Norb and Gary sell military items, coins, oddities, taxidermy, art deco, dolls and more!
Larry & Lenore Berzanske - Dealer 89
Stop by Larry and Lenore's Booth 76 near the back of the store (across from the furniture room door closest to the cafe) where you'll find a wide selection of items such as books, games, puzzles, collectibles, antiques and furniture.

Click on the link below to view hundreds of items that they sell directly online from their Amazon store! You can also email them at readables@att.net.
Linda Nagy - Dealer 2
Booth 66 + 86. Located on the back aisle closest to the furniture room door by the cafe.

Linda sells general merchandise in her booth. You'll find anything from Victorian to primitive items, tools and smalls.

Be sure to stop by Linda's booth often as she is always bringing new merchandise in!
Rod Warrens - Dealer 95
Booth 36
If you're looking for it, Rod says, "Your junk is our treasures!!" With a wide selection of merchandise, you might just find what you're looking for right in Rod's booth. Be sure to stop in and check it out!
Robyn Slater - Dealer 5
Booth 11B

Be sure to stop by Robyn's beautifully decorated booth to shop for antiques, collectibles, furniture, toys and sports memorabilia.

Click on the link below to visit eBay where Robyn and her husband, Matt, sell their items online!
Lynne Ranallo - Dealer 17
Booth 56. Located on the back aisle of the store.

Be sure to stop back often to see what Tony has brought in. He sells furniture, old tools, sports memorabilia and as he says, "just a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff".
Dick Prentice - Dealer 10
Booth 10

Be sure to check out the man cave! Richard and Bonnie have a wide selection of nautical items, traffic signs and lights and many other miscellaneous items!
Bonnie Iantorno - Dealer 56
Booth 95

With a collection of vintage and antique furniture, glassware and collectibles, you're sure to find something you can't live without!
Patty - Dealer 3 - Booth 95
"A Few of My Favorite Things"

With a collection of vintage and antique furniture, glassware and collectibles, you're sure to find something you can't live without!
Ed Barth - Dealer 14
Booth 85

All the items from Ed's booth are re-purposed from the 1800's to the Mid-20th Century.

Ed also provides LOCAL delivery of big items bought at Antiques & Uniques. Stop by our Customer Services desk for more information.
Terri Jo Rotondo - Dealer 97
Booth 96. Located right in front of the cafe.

Stop by Terri Jo's booth to find antiques, Americana, Colonial, handmade, eclectic items and much more!
May Halliday - Dealer 129
Booth 55A

Visit May's booth for your chance to purchase her original artwork. She also sells Mid-Century furniture, collectibles and original pottery by various artists.
Wickliffe Flower Barn & Antiques
Dealer 9 - Booth 45

Weekly Classic Car Cruise-in, every Wednesday 5-8pm, food, music, prizes, weather permitting.

Wickliffe Flower Barn & Antiques is a full service Florist, open 7 days a week. We offer delivery both locally and worldwide with our FTD & Teleflora systems. Our display cooler is stocked daily with fresh beautiful floral arrangements. We feature gift items, new and old, a variety of Antique & Vintage furniture, collectibles and more with new items added weekly. 440-943-4343
Carol Kuntz - Dealer 103
Booth 7.

Visit Carol at her other location down at Geneva on the Lake near Time Square. She's open from 12pm - 7pm, 6 days a week (closed Wednesday). Friday and Saturdays Carol's store is open until 10pm. Like most of the stores down on the strip, Carol closes for the season near the end of September so be sure to stop in before then!

You can also find some of Carol's neat items at BB Gifts at Ashtabula Mall on Rt. 20 in Ashtabula. Open all year long!
Artifacts & Artworks - Dealer 125
Booth 60

Artifacts & Artworks' booth contains a collection of vintage china/glass, classic books, art, linens, baskets, woodenware and railroad memorabilia.

Stop by to see many rare antiques, natural history and ethnic items in the ever-changing inventory!
My Sister's Attic - Dealer 84
Booth 80

Stop by Beverly and Patricia's booth to see a wide variety of items to include jewelry, household items, old Avon items, Fenton baskets, Hess trucks books and much more!

You can visit them on eBay by searching for their seller ID: colliewoman or click on the link below to visit Beverly's website!
Kate & Rick Engel - Dealer 41
Booth 8

Kate and Rick cater to the reenacting community with primitives, antiques, Civil War items, Living History ware and material culture as well as stocking decorative items and a vast amount of artwork.
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Linda Nagy - Dealer 2

Booth 66 + 86. Located on the back aisle closest to the furniture room door by the cafe. Linda sells general merchandise in her booth. You'll find anything from Victorian to primitive items, tools and smalls. Be sure to stop by Linda's booth often as she is always bringing new merchandise in!